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SSNI-700 by Rara Anzai Review

Full title: See Through With No Bra, J Cups Fall Out, Temptation Of Clothed Hot Tits, Lala Anzai

Studio: S1 NO.1 STYLE

Lenght: 153.00 min

Actress: Rara Anzai

This is her third movie. In the first scene, a man brings a drunken friend home. Rara Anzai opens the door for her, she is in the robe, then her boobs fall out. Very big tits! Classic, a friend falls asleep on the bed while the other seduces Rara Anzai. She becomes conscious and that’s where the real fuck starts. Or not, there’s just a blowjob. In another scene, a man fucks her fiercely and finishes her cum on her tits. In the third scene, Rara Anzai does some exercises. In the fifth scene, a plumber finishes her cum also in her tits. The sixth scene is a massage and a blowjob. The sixth scene is a massage, a blowjob and then a nice fuck.